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Pool Clarifier

Champion Pool Clarifier assists with the removal of algae and deposits from swimming pool water to achieve clarity and bright sparkling water.

5Lit   -  £27.72

Granular Floc

Champion Flocculant Kibbled I Granular can be used as a full floc treatment or as a filter aid by adding 500g to the skimmer after backwashing  5kg   -   £13.80

Filter Floc Tablets (15 x 50gm)

Champion Filter Floc Tablets are invaluable for assisting swimming pool sand filters to remove the very fine particles that cause water to become very cloudy. Removal of these small suspended particles, dead algae, calcium carbonate etc will help to produce bright, sparkling, inviting water.



Last updated 06/05/2021
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Safety Data Sheet (pdf) Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
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